If you’re looking for a way to feel fitter, stronger and more confident in your own skin, SIM Health & Happiness workouts are for you. Through a unique combination of dance fitness, resistance training & stretching exercises, you’ll work off your anxiety, shimmy away your stress, and discover just how amazing and powerful your body is!

Want to find out more about the power of exercise, and how dance works both the body and mind? Here are a selection of useful articles for you to get stuck into…


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(Soul!) Food

No fad diets… no purse-emptying “superfoods”…just healthy, wholesome food


Want to build a stronger mind, as well  as a healthier body? Then this is is for you:

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  • 20-minute happiness-boosting workout
  • 5-minute meditation
  • + bonus anti-anxiety diet cheat sheet
  • + bonus example meal plan
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